George Evans began production in 2008 and came about because of Phil George and Tim Evans’ strong passion about Guitar tone. They both come with decades of invaluable experience from their respective fields.

Phil played as a Pro player in many bands doing Tribute and Corporate shows in every state of Australia, as well as many years of Pub Rock. Phil began with Tim by toning and tuning in the Labsystems Guitar Amplifier Range with Tim for Labsystems Australia.

Tim designed and Built the amazingly successful Labsystems Bass gear for the discerning Bass Player throughout the 80’s and 90’s. They were clearly the best Australian designed and built Bass Amps in Oz music history. (You must hear mine..)

In the 90’s Tim began designing Labsystems Cage Guitar Amplifiers and Phil’s keen ear for the best tones. was first used to achieve the very best possible tones from them.

After that, Tim and Phil knew there was a synergy to achieve way more. George Evans Custom Amplifiers was born in 2008 and will continue to build Hand Built, Hand Crafted, incredibly versatile Guitar Amplifiers.

No stone is unturned in the quest for the best tone at GE and each model has a vast array of tones to suit many styles of music. Don’t forget we can do Mods to any GE..!!


At GE, they/we use only the finest ingredients  ( like Master chef Amp craftsmen should…)

  • Hand wired Sozo Tone Capacitors in every model (Chosen for superior tone )
  • Dozens of Custom made prototype Transformers and Chokes were painstakingly auditioned for each individual model to pick the very best available
  • Premium Custom wound Power transformers, Output transformers and Chokes
  • Hand wiring on every Sonique or Custom Amplifier model
  • Every component on the board has been carefully Auditioned and specifically hand picked for its position in the circuit by both Tim and Phil as part of the long process
  • No Surface Mount technology !!
  • Lifetime Design, like the very best from yesteryear. Built to last a Lifetime. Yes, a Lifetime
  • GE use very best Pots, Capacitors, Electro Caps, Resistors, Switches, Relays, Tube sockets, fittings, Speakers, screws, corners… everything is totally First Class
  • Large Range of Speaker options from Celestion, WGS, Weber and Jensen

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